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April 30, 2008

I’m thrilled to report that I was accepted to the summer writing workshop in my hometown. yeah! I was slightly nervous because a friend of mine said she heard it was competitive (first I had heard about that) but then admitted she had it confused with another reputable program in Vermont.

There are two fiction workshops, one led by a writer I respect much more than the other. Of course this more “reputable” writer was more popular and thus more competitive to get into her program. But I did!

The other great news, I received the full scholarship amount that the program is offering. What?, my parents asked. But I explained it was not need based but rather merit based, so Yippee!

This just validates me more as a writer. I am so flattered and excited. I think this is also the kick in the ass that I need. A deadline. (Agents, I told you, I work well under pressure.)

I wrote in my statement of purpose that I will have a rough second draft by mid July. Highly doable if I bust my tush. And if I fall short, at least I will be much further along if I did not aim so high. Even if I have a rough first draft, it will be done. Who needs National Novel Writing Month when you have this workshop led by renown writers?

I’m quite excited because I felt like I was losing some writing momentum when my sister is in town. But she left this morning and my writer’s group is meeting up tomorrow. I have the babysitter today and tomorrow so I can go to my writer’s room and just force myself to write.


Vent: Post office

April 29, 2008

My local post office was supposed to close for 6 weeks. 8 months later they reopened and the only difference is that they moved the po boxes to the rear of the narrow office, installed an automated postal center (APC) machine and somehow maneuvered the “waiting line” (and there is always a wait) so it takes up more than half of the floor and it is uncomfortably narrow to walk through to check the mail boxes, especially with a stroller.

Since they are trying to get more people to use the APC, they have hired one person to stand and talk to everyone in line and see if they can use this machine. So even if the line is 12 people deep, and there are only two tellers, one person is still designated to direct customers to use this impersonal machine.

Did I mention that the new hours of this high tech post office begin at 10am. I don’t know any other government agency that opens it doors at 10 in the morning.

When I went recently to check my po box, there was a massive sign promoting the series John Adams. I guess the US Post Office has enough dispensable income to sponsor an HBO series. I wish they would redirect their funds to customer service as opposed to trying to gain a presence in Hollywood.

In my mailbox last week was a notice for a package that was too large to fit in my mailbox. So I wait on the excruciatingly slow line. When it is my turn it takes two employees ten minutes to locate the letter filled with stiff material that could not be easily folded into the box. the letter was from the USPS explaining the wonderful services they offer for small businesses. Really? Because I just spent 45 minutes away from my small business to collect that expensive marketing material.

Hit me Baby one more time

April 28, 2008

So this little blog of mine is not getting many hits, perhaps because I have not shared the link with anyone.

But, this other little blog of mine

Anybody out there?

April 27, 2008

The site statistics for this blog are depressing. But a few, very few are finding me and reading something. I just have not written anything compelling enough for someone to read more or even comment.



I should not complain. Since I am saying my life is so interesting, i should be living it and not scrounging for a few visitors to a blog that I would love to lead to a book deal. But I am not.

That stupid company that fired me for my blog-isode, still has me listed on its website as an employee. I wrote the owner a letter demanding for my money and asked him to remove me from the site. He did remove my name from the “spam alert” list, but I think he should probably take my name off the site, no?

Frenemies and wedding drama

April 26, 2008

A friend from home is going through a ridiculous saga with her alleged best friend forcing my friend to drop out as maid of honor of the second person’s wedding which is a mere three weeks away.

It sucks. My friend is devastated.

Sometimes breaking up with a friend is harder then breaking up with a boyfriend, especially if there is such a long history.

Before, after and during my wedding, I had several friend casualties. Three girls, one who was definitely on the fence of being invited, the second one who I absolutely adored and the third one was invited because she asked me to be in her wedding and was so close to the second friend, walked out immediately after my ceremony. I was so worried something horrible had happened to them or their children or whatever. Turns out they felt uncomfortable because they were the only black people invited to my wedding.

Never mind that there were two flamboyantly dressed gay men, an Indian couple, a man who misunderstood “casual” and showed up in a T-shirt, orthodox rabbis and three women who should have known better than to wear white. They stayed and had a great time.

Two college friends also were very upset with me for reasons I am still not entirely clear on. I think one girl who was married a few weeks earlier and I was her maid of honor was upset because she was not THAT involved in the wedding whereas I was involved in her wedding. But she had every opportunity to participate, just not walk down the aisle because it was exclusively family.

The second girl who was part of our friend “trio” was upset, I think, because I pushed to invite her to the rehearsal dinner and make a speech. My family welcomed her warm and offered her a place to stay. She did not have a wedding, but I offered to join her when she had her civil service. After the wedding she proceeded to ignore all of my calls. I was devastated and kept trying to come up with possible explanations for her “disappearance”. It’s all in the past now, but it is still painful to recall.

But sometimes you have to cut bait. It’s easier for the bride to do this because she is in a happy place embarking on a new life, then say it is for the single friend. Especially when you are left with NO answers, only questions and confusion.

Painting the Canvas of life

April 24, 2008

When we are young we have a blank canvas. The paint and paintbrushes and the material we are given tends to come from our parents, luck of the draw. And as we make choices, which school to attend, what classes to take, what friends we make, we start to fill in our canvas and before you know it, you have a picture that is your life. I guess that is how people wake up and realize that they are 30 or 40 or 50. it just creeps up on you.

Once you paint a certain area it is hard to go back and correct it. It’s hard to believe that so many choices become such defining ones. Who knows what trail will lead to what.

I wonder just how different my life would be if I did not meet my husband. how would my writing career have evolved or not?

I still feel so foolish for not having anything really published or that i have unfinished scripts and a novel. Because it is all unfinished until it finds a home, no?

Sometimes I feel like I should stop calling myself a writer and just write.

Forcing myself

April 24, 2008

to write. i have a writer’s meeting tomorrow at my friend’s mom’s house. Have not heard from the babysitter but worst case scenario I bring Pookers.

Have not done too much writing. 😦 just a little reading. Middlesex. So many people have told me they love this book.

I am supposed to find out this week if I got accepted to the writer’s workshop and if I can get any sort of scholarship. We’ll see.

My indulgent Vegas girl’s weekend may be cancelled or postponed 😦

Nasty Gram

April 22, 2008

Sent an email to the stupid tutoring company asking for my last paycheck and for them to take my name off of their website. If I am “now fired” why are they promoting me as one of their top tutors.

No response.

I still get the spam alerts when someone wants to comment.

Any attornies out there want to use their stationary to help me send an even nastier gram?

Everybody is a writer

April 21, 2008

does every blogger consider him/herself a writer? i would think so. I imagine that everybody would love a career in the arts doing something creative.

I used to feel guilty about not having a 9-5 job (I did have one, rather several, for a few years post college, but it was not my thing.) I think it was up until I was pregnant that I stopped beating myself up for not having a traditional job.

There’s a part of me that feels guilty that my husband’s success enables me to continue to pursue my dream of being a writer.

WHen we are younger, we were taught we could be anything but nobody ever explained that we could not be everything. We can’t be a model, an Olympian, a CEO, a marketing genius, an actress, a writer, an inventor, a senator and a [fill in the blank]. You cannot do it all. And as someone who is terrible about decisions, I wish someone explained this to me better.

Blog epiphany

April 20, 2008

so the “read me dammit” blog is getting a lot of hits. guess the title is important when readers decide what to click. I should probably change the actual post to something more interesting than wondering if anyone is reading me.

I’m learning.

Not writing as much as I would like as my sister is in town from South America and it’s Passover. All excuses. I could stay up late if I had a deadline or knew someone was reading my stuff. (hint hint, agent)