First entry

Okay, I did it. I started my blog. BFD, you may be thinking. Thousands of people write blogs regularly. I’m only a five years behind the curve. But I did it. Can I have my book deal now? Please.

A book deal is not my only motivation, but well, it is an incentive. I am working on a book. A novel. It’s such a massive undertaking; I constantly ask myself why am I doing this. The answer is that I really don’t have another choice. *cliche alert. I did not choose to be a writer. It chose me.

I already wrote one novel. It did not get published, yet. I feel like I need to add that disclaimer. But I did it. I sat down and I wrote. I typed. I edited. I joined a writer’s group. I cursed it. But I finished it.

Now I have my blog and my new book which is further along then I give myself credit for. I should probably work on the book instead of patting myself on the back for starting a blog. I should also go for a run or do one of those exercise on demand videos on my cable box, but they are not happening tonight.

What is it about a blog? Just a stream of consciousness that I imagine/hope/ want someone to find interesting. Oh, and i want a book deal, badly. Did I mention that?

Sometimes I feel so foolish that I have been a “writer” for so long but have not had anything significant published. All of the work and energy expended can be justified if something I write gains popularity or earns me some money. Otherwise, well, I may just be remembered as a wannabe writer.

I’ll post again. Maybe even after dinner. There’s just so much to say.

And please comment. Let me know that i am not blogging in oblivion. (I’ve been blogging for a tutoring company, but all of the comments are from readers offering to make my penis larger or sell me prescription meds CHEAP!!)


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2 Responses to “First entry”

  1. museumofyou Says:

    I’m leaving a comment, and sorry, but I can’t sell you any meds. I just want to see where you go with this.

  2. 1hpb Says:

    Yeah! You read my stuff!

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