New Social Order

The music together class yesterday was not terrible. I just hate the part where they tell you to dance with your child around the room. It’s fun to talk to the mom’s but 1) Pookers is not light and my back is not so strong. The idea of holding her and bouncing around is not exactly appealing. 2) The dancing leads to social time and often times I feel excluded when all of the other moms are chatting away and I am just sitting there holding my heavy baby with my back about to spasm.

Meeting The Moms and entering this new social world is akin to high school. Again. I thought after those four years I would not have to endure the pettiness and social hierarchies of caddy contemporaries. Then I went to a women’s college and discovered a new pedigree of peers. But now this.

BTW – Did anyone actually enjoy high school?

There was some email that went around inviting Moms to a night out. Somehow, conveniently I was off the list. One mom apologized and said, “I need your email” in the same sweet voice she says every single week. I suppose I should just give it to her already. But she never actually asks.

These Moms, this new social structure, the dynamics, and of course the kids. Great fodder for a novel. The Mommy Diaries? Any takers? Could make it a fiction story – I have some good characters sketched out. Could be a how-to navigate and survive the first year of motherhood. Not sure if I made it clear, but I would LOVE a book deal.

Off to the pediatrician today. Pookers needs some vaccines and my husband, surprise surprise – to me at least – is coming. At least he intended to as of 9am this morning.


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