I was able to bang out the posts for that tutoring blog and pretty much recycled the same ones for three of the four standardized tests. I don’t care any more. The people at the tutoring company are beyond annoying at the moment and I am ready to throw in the towel. So we’ll see how everything plays out.

I think I have a sinus infection too because I have allergy symptoms but am not responding to any medications. Usually my allergies are not terrible and nobody else around me seems to be suffering the way I am. And I do feel like I am suffering. I’ve already gone through a box of tissues this weekend.

I’m working, ahem completing, my application for a summer writing workshop in my hometown. 10 days. Cannot wait. I have no idea how competitive it is, if anything I think it is not, but I am still nervous about being accepted. I said in my statement of purpose that I will have completed a rough second draft of my second novel. Hopefully that will light a fire under me to finish that goal by July.

Note to publishers/agents/literary scouts (do you even exist??): I can complete my work in a timely fashion with a deadline.

Random Note: Why do you think the moms in the mommy and me classes like to wear their jeans so low that I can see a butt crack or underwear? I don’t find you sexy, put on a belt! Your kid does not find you sexy, wear pants that stay on your waist. You know you are going to bend down chasing your baby or picking him up, you knew enough to wear eye catching underwear (BTW – do you even find G-strings comfortable?), but you did not know enough to put on jeans that fit you.

Mom vent: just a short one today, have to save some fodder for the shrink later this week. I showed her an extremely rough draft of the first chunk of the novel. She said 1) I like the font.* 2) I think you should go back to the other book. Am I justified in being offended? Please comment. Or give me a book deal. This new book is going to be the best font ever.

*American Typewriter Font, Microsoft Word


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