Morning Musings

I suppose I should do some research about blogs. You know learn a little about tags and categories. Is there a difference? Learn a few tips about how to drive traffic to my site. I guess I have been saving all of my brain power to learn how to plug a book (and of course write one!)

There is a fancy apartment building next to me designed by an Oscar nominated director who is also residing in the penthouse. I am trying really hard to get a tour of the building. I’ve checked out the ground floor, but not the apartments which a few impressive celebrities have viewed. I was really hoping Madonna or Johnny Depp would move in so their daughters could babysit. Wishful thinking. Or at least walk my dog.

Going back to the novel now. Sometimes I think it is easier to motivate to go to the gym than it is to write.


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3 Responses to “Morning Musings”

  1. itsamysterytome Says:

    Enjoyed your blog. I just read it, back to front and especially liked the baby stories. My kids are all grown now (thank God!) but can still remember how it was! My husband called all those snotty Moms the “Cookie Cutter Moms” because they all dressed alike, had the same pear shaped figures, and went to the same hairdresser. Can also relate (sort of) to the novel thing. I’m working on my first. Why not post some excerpts here? That’s what I’m doing.

  2. doggerelist Says:

    (Looks like my previous comment got nobbled by your spam filter due to the link: I’ll try again….)

    Have you been to these blogs? (you’ll need to do the http thing in front)

    Shameless plugging is the order of the day; both for blogs and books….Good Luck!

  3. steve Says:

    Hi Heather

    Seems you’ve responded to my comment above *somewhere* – I received email notification, but can’t for the life of me work out where your comment actually is….no matter….you wrote:

    “Hey thanks for the comments. Your site looks great. Seems like you
    are getting a lot of traffic there.
    Any advice on that??

    What kind of book are you writing?


    Yup, traffic is decent now on my blog, although it was slow at first. I had the advantage of being infamous on the Guardian books blog (GU) before starting up, so a few plugs there brought some online friends (and adversaries….) along….

    You have a great blog title and it would make a noteworthy pseudonym on GU….there are many unpublished people there trying to get themselves noticed, so I’d recommend registering & posting there, just joining in the fun….of course there are a few idiots there – just ignore them; most commenters are friendly & encouraging….the more comments you post on other friendly blogs too, the more you’ll attract return visits – simple networking….I’m not actually writing a book btw….yet….

    steve (aka “doggerelist”; aka “cynicalsteve” on GU)

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