Feeling Free

Getting over the whole tutoring debacle. Think it’s all kind of funny. I did not need Putz undermining my writing. I can do that on my own. Excited about the extra free time.

Would have been nice if Hubby asked me about it when he got home though. His company is going through lay-offs and it is pretty ugly.

Meeting a college friend this afternoon. It’s one of those loaded relationships where we have had ups and downs, some of which i have no idea why. There was a third member of our friendship but she basically shut me out after my wedding before her baby was born. That was painful. More because she did not respond to me. I thought she miscarried or something awful happened to her or her family and she did not want to cope. Turns out Loser Friend was just being immature. “Trim the Fat,” as some would say. I always wonder about her and am reluctant to bring it up with the friend that lives in my town because she is still close with Loser Friend. I saw I don’t care, but it’s like being dumped. Nobody likes it. Doesn’t feel good.

I had a break up once with a guy who I think called things off because he suspected I was going to do so. I did not care, I wanted to close the chapter and really did not care how it was done so long as it was not malicious. Which it wasn’t. It’s just with Loser Friend I had no idea we were breaking up or why. Sometimes you just want an answer.

But it’s been almost two years now and I have great things happening in my life and I don’t need anyone to drag me down. Although, if you are feeling pity and would be so inclined to offer me a book deal, that would definitely cheer me up!


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