Everybody is a writer

does every blogger consider him/herself a writer? i would think so. I imagine that everybody would love a career in the arts doing something creative.

I used to feel guilty about not having a 9-5 job (I did have one, rather several, for a few years post college, but it was not my thing.) I think it was up until I was pregnant that I stopped beating myself up for not having a traditional job.

There’s a part of me that feels guilty that my husband’s success enables me to continue to pursue my dream of being a writer.

WHen we are younger, we were taught we could be anything but nobody ever explained that we could not be everything. We can’t be a model, an Olympian, a CEO, a marketing genius, an actress, a writer, an inventor, a senator and a [fill in the blank]. You cannot do it all. And as someone who is terrible about decisions, I wish someone explained this to me better.


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