Vent: Post office

My local post office was supposed to close for 6 weeks. 8 months later they reopened and the only difference is that they moved the po boxes to the rear of the narrow office, installed an automated postal center (APC) machine and somehow maneuvered the “waiting line” (and there is always a wait) so it takes up more than half of the floor and it is uncomfortably narrow to walk through to check the mail boxes, especially with a stroller.

Since they are trying to get more people to use the APC, they have hired one person to stand and talk to everyone in line and see if they can use this machine. So even if the line is 12 people deep, and there are only two tellers, one person is still designated to direct customers to use this impersonal machine.

Did I mention that the new hours of this high tech post office begin at 10am. I don’t know any other government agency that opens it doors at 10 in the morning.

When I went recently to check my po box, there was a massive sign promoting the series John Adams. I guess the US Post Office has enough dispensable income to sponsor an HBO series. I wish they would redirect their funds to customer service as opposed to trying to gain a presence in Hollywood.

In my mailbox last week was a notice for a package that was too large to fit in my mailbox. So I wait on the excruciatingly slow line. When it is my turn it takes two employees ten minutes to locate the letter filled with stiff material that could not be easily folded into the box. the letter was from the USPS explaining the wonderful services they offer for small businesses. Really? Because I just spent 45 minutes away from my small business to collect that expensive marketing material.


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