I’m thrilled to report that I was accepted to the summer writing workshop in my hometown. yeah! I was slightly nervous because a friend of mine said she heard it was competitive (first I had heard about that) but then admitted she had it confused with another reputable program in Vermont.

There are two fiction workshops, one led by a writer I respect much more than the other. Of course this more “reputable” writer was more popular and thus more competitive to get into her program. But I did!

The other great news, I received the full scholarship amount that the program is offering. What?, my parents asked. But I explained it was not need based but rather merit based, so Yippee!

This just validates me more as a writer. I am so flattered and excited. I think this is also the kick in the ass that I need. A deadline. (Agents, I told you, I work well under pressure.)

I wrote in my statement of purpose that I will have a rough second draft by mid July. Highly doable if I bust my tush. And if I fall short, at least I will be much further along if I did not aim so high. Even if I have a rough first draft, it will be done. Who needs National Novel Writing Month when you have this workshop led by renown writers?

I’m quite excited because I felt like I was losing some writing momentum when my sister is in town. But she left this morning and my writer’s group is meeting up tomorrow. I have the babysitter today and tomorrow so I can go to my writer’s room and just force myself to write.


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