Friend / Wedding Advice – Please help

I became friendly with someone from my high school through a mutual friend.

I promised the bride (my new friend) I would look for my garter belt from the wedding to loan her. I cannot find it, do I have to/ should I buy her one as a present?

a little background. The mutual friend who I have been close to just had an ugly falling out with the bride is no longer her maid of honor or even going to the wedding for that matter. I feel allegiance to my original friend, but am trying not to get involved.

Also, the bride was not as close of a friend when I got married, but did come to my wedding with (I’m embarrassed to admit) a tacky last minute invite. She did not get me a gift at all.

So, should I buy her a garter belt or keep scouring my closet for mine that I wore for a few hours?


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One Response to “Friend / Wedding Advice – Please help”

  1. Shelia Says:

    I’m probably too late but I think in a situation like that honesty is best. Just let them know that you couldn’t find it. I wouldn’t go buy them a new one.

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