Not so terrible

I went to my writer’s group yesterday and shared the big news about the blogs and the writing program. i guess the few readers that do visit me or who have stumbled upon this blog is more than many other writers, so I am going to cease complaining.

So what if I had two consecutive days of zero hits. It happens. Conan O’Brian was panned his first seasons as host, as was Seinfeld. Instead of thinking about the blog, I really should be more focused and excited about the massive undertaking that lays ahead of me in preparation for this summer workshop.

Will be able to squeeze in some writing today too! But first coffee.


One Response to “Not so terrible”

  1. Shelia Says:

    Don’t let the “no hit” days get you down. Sometimes you will want to write on your blog just for you and then realize ooops several hundred people have read my private thoughts…lol Seriously, blog because you love it and forget the numbers. But if you do want to know how to increase traffic to your blog become blog friendly and go about visiting other folks blogs and leave comments. I’ve been blogging off and on for a couple of years. I usually go on hiatus in the summer so come June or July, I’ll probably only be posting every now and then or not at all until the Fall comes around again.

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