Freedom and non-judgment

The babysitter never came yesterday which was fine but it also meant that I was not able to do any hard-core writing. (My apologies to anybody who found this post by searching *hard core*.)

I did do a lot of note taking and idea gathering in my notebook so I feel quasi productive. The trick is for me to review my notes when I am stuck at the writer’s room. I am just adding a lot more meat to the first chunk of the book. More back story on the main character – more actions that reveal her personality. I’m trying do this whole “show don’t tell” aspect.

At the last writer’s meeting I went to, my friend said that she was *impressed* with my accomplishments. Subtle and possibly stupid, but it does validate me and my writing. I just have to stay on track. It’s like a diet, one not so perfect day should not derail the whole project.

I just try to remind myself that and remain focused. We’ll see.


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