More wedding nonesense

What is it about weddings that someone usually sacrifices a friendship?

I know I had a few bridezilla moments that I am not proud of, but I reconciled with my friend. it’s a one day in a lifetime (ideally) and selfishly, people should dote on the bride and groom.

I found out from another friend that she lost a friend around wedding season. We could not pinpoint what the problem was, but it likely boiled down to the friend being jealous and thus bitter at her other friend’s happy marriage and shared goals with her husband.

My good friend who recently withdrew as maid of honor, and the bride said she was “relieved” thinks that her “best friend” was harboring jealousies for years. I don’t know why, the former maid of honor had as awful and traumatic an upbringing as one could imagine. We deduced that the bride was trying for years “to break up” with her.

It’s too bad that such a happy time has to be so tarnished by such petty crap. But it does. I guess as the bride enters into the next stage of her life, she feels the need to trim the fat of friends that bring her down.

I wrote before about the 3 girls and one husband that walked out of my wedding after the ceremony without waiting to say good bye, or hello for that matter, to me.
I know another man whose cousins walked out of the wedding because it was not kosher enough for them. If it’s not kosher ENOUGH, then don’t eat. It’s not about you. Those were expensive seats and anyone who has been married knows it is hard to trim down that wedding list, so there were a few contenders who would have loved to have come and stayed at the wedding but could not.

I get the concept of eloping. Sometimes I wish I did elope. I harbor some harsh memories about uncooperative family members at my wedding. so much so, I am a little afraid to do my photo album because of some of the bitter memories it may bring up. Petty, I know.


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