The Time is Now

The time to write is now. If I would sit down and type my novel the way I sit down and type this and my other blog ( – shameless plug) and the way I write the notes of stuff to write for my novel, I would be further along.

When training for my two marathons, I always resisted leaving the house for a run. Putting on my running gear and walking out the door was the hardest thing ever. Once I was out there, I was okay. I remember reading somewhere that a body in motion wants to stay in motion, but starting was so damn painful.

Sometimes I feel the same way about writing my book. I know I can do it. I know I should do it. I have so many notes and scenes sketched out and all I need to do is transfer them from the notebook to the computer. I just struggle to begin.

I try to remind myself that it will never be easier than it is today. So, on that note, I am going out on my glorious patio with my lap top and hope that I don’t wake my napping baby.


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One Response to “The Time is Now”

  1. Shelia Says:

    I like the title for your blog because the time is NOW. I like the Nike motto: JUST DO IT. Don’t put it off. Write. Write & Write. Once you get the first draft done, you then have something to work with. Look at it as your guidepost. You can then go back and delete/add scenes if need be. But if you don’t have anything written, you’re working with a blank slate.

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