My Best

I have decided to honestly give writing my best. If I fall short after however long, I will confidently know that I have done my best. I have to believe now that my best is at least good enough.

Last night completely jet lagged, I lay in my bed debating whether or not to get up and write. If I got up I might be tired the next morning, who knows what I would output, would it be any good? If I stayed in bed, I might get some sleep and the urge to write would probably pass. It was a tough decision.

I just got back from a solo LA trip (best mother’s day gift!) My friend, also about to turn the big 3-0, is moving to Dubai. A real Gold Rush. We talked about this next stage of our life that we are about to enter and what we were leaving behind. It was a blast. The point is, we are both leaving our comfort zone and security and taking a huge risk, her more so than me. But if I treat finishing my draft before the writer’s program as a challenge, I am bound to work harder and be more aggressive.

I saw how efficient my friend was in cutting out the slack and budgeting her precious time with people during her remaining week in the country. I should be this efficient and this productive. No reason I can’t start running on the ground. All I have to do is my best, nothing more. So like Nike says, Just do it.

Although I sometimes wonder why I need so much motivation and encouragement to do the solitary job of writing and creating which does fulfill me.


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