I have decided to give myself a relatively strict schedule of writing at my writer’s room to keep things steady. Any writing, brainstorming, developing I do beyond the hours I log at the desk is a bonus. But i am not going to beat myself up if I do not sit down and write every night once I put my daughter to bed. Not productive.

Yesterday, I logged two hours “writing” at the room which was my goal. At night I read a YA novel that was tangentially related to my story and sent an email to someone to an actor I want to interview. These will both help move the story forward. While they do not replace hard core typing, they aid in the overall progress of the story.

Today i have the writer’s group which is looking to be more annoying than anything. We were all supposed to submit something because we won’t meet for 3 weeks, but come on. Nine single spaced pages sent on the morning of our meeting? I sent three because we will have to comment on four people’s submissions. I will do my best to read and be thorough in the time I have today.


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