Secret Jealousy

The New York Times Magazine’s cover story on Sunday was about and by a 26 year old blogger. Even though she wrote about how blogging hurt part of her life, there is a part of me that is incredibly jealous of her success (notoriety?) as a writer. She wrote about another girl who started a blog then landed an amazing job. It sounds like the second author was really one of the first ones to the plate and therefore a hot commodity in the same way that Jackson Pollock’s art is not so much amazing as it is that he was the first to do it and call it art.

I confess that when I was younger and I would see a child on the news who had some tragedy befall her, then she would be “rescued” or befriended by a celebrity I would secretly wish that I could have the same reward, even if it meant I had to endure the tragedy. I don’t know if that is more a reflection of my not so happy childhood or previous huge desire to be famous and adored.


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