The Point

I have a new deadline for writing my book. Not quite ready to share it with the public – but not like the public is really reading this. However, one day when (I carefully chose not to write “if”) my book is published and I am recognized as a writer, maybe this blog will have some value.

So, I have a more extreme perspective of the finiteness of everything.

At first I asked myself what is the point.
Sometimes I have no idea what the answer is. I know I am happy when I write.

I know I am jealous of less talented but more successful writers.
I want to be a successful writer.
The only way to be a successful writer is to write.

I was a logic major in college so I’m great with these theorems.

I only logged two writing sessions last week, one quite short. But this week I aspire to log four sessions including one on the weekend.

Wish me luck.


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