I have so many essays that I would love to find a home for in a magazine or newspaper. The problem is most publications want to hear a pitch and then have the story customized for them. My problem is that I don’t like pitching or getting rejected for that matter and I just go ahead and write the brilliant piece as I see fit and hope that one day someone will dig through my archives and publish the masterpeices.

Unfortunately, the real world does not work like my fantasy.

I was ready one of my favorite writing books, The War of Art and the author said how he had two novels 95% and 99% complete. That is absolutely worthless to an agent or an editor if you are an unknown writer without a famous parent. It took him over 10 years since completing the book to publish his famous Legend of Bagger Vance and probably another 10 years until they made a movie out of it.

I remind myself that it is a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve done two races and I can tell you, the last few miles are the hardest. And that mother-f*&king .2 miles at the end, especially in the New York Marathon is a killer. It’s all uphill and you really cannot see the finish line. But you’ve come so far and you know it is around the corner, at least for me, I just had to keep going. Of course I did see people walking it, but not me.

So, with that analogy and my burning desire to finish and publish my book, I must plow ahead.


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