Plotting out the Story

I wrote a scene for my book which is now going to be part of the first chapter, taking place in LA as opposed to New York City as in the original draft. I will have Mona, the main character dart to NYC in a huff which will explain why she has so few friends there and it gives the readers more of Mona’s back story. The draft I wrote is mostly dialogue – my screenwriting background – so I will flesh it out and submit it to the group in two weeks. This will also be the piece that I submit to the writing coach that I am hiring.

Not sure if she is the *best* fit for me, but my friend likes her and I agree with a lot of the theories she is telling my friend. The thing is that I am already following a decent amount of her advice and I just need some story/plot guidance, but we’ll see.

Also, to help her and me out, I am going to write an outline of what I have and character descriptions so she can help me fill in the blanks of the story. I could probably do this stuff at home, or maybe the library so I do not have to walk all the way to the writer’s room. We’ll see.



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