Bad Shrink. Bad Bad

I have not been thrilled with my therapist lately. I initially chose him because he was nearby and accepted my insurance. Great qualifications, right.

He has definitely helped me but I think he is a bit limited in his skills as he recycles his *go to* phrases. “This is representative a lot of what you felt as a child.” “This is consistent with your feelings as kid.” “That brings up a lot of emotions you experienced when you were younger.”

Yes, but how does that help me now??

I have not received a good response to that yet.

He does however encourage me with my writing and help me feel good about the commitment I am making.

The other day, he asked me if I considered “X”. There are about 300 more tactful ways to ask me about X and probably about 5 less tactful ways. He chose X which I believe was a poor choice. After I said no, he then said, “since you are not considering X…” using the uncouth word again. He brought it up one more time in the same fashion before I told him to stop planting that seed in my head. He denied doing that but I reminded him he was the one who brought it up, even in the negative. He then stopped using the term.

Regardless, I was so turned off that I cancelled my subsequent appointment. I intend to go back this week but tell him straight up, again, how uncomfortable and unprofessional I thought that was.


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One Response to “Bad Shrink. Bad Bad”

  1. Kelvin Says:

    It’s understood that you feel that way and I share in your dissatifaction. The most important aspect in treatment is your primary complaint (why are you seeking treatment), and it’s up to the therapist to decide if his theoretical orientation suits YOUR WANTS and NEEDS. Examining early childhood expierences and emotions is characteristic of a psychodynamic approach (unconscious processes, early recollections) which is very time-consuming and costly. Although this approach can indeed lead to greater self awarness and better overall functioning, perhaps it’s not the best approach for you. I recommend doing research and asking questions as to the therpaist orientation before your willing to commit. You may need an approach to the here and now instead of the there and then which is actually more relevant than ever (Existential, Humanistic, to name a few). Again, the most important part is why your seeking treatment in the first place. Best of Luck

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