Self Fulfilling Prophecy

I am meeting with the writing coach today and I vacillated in my mind if I should keep the appointment as she was making things complicated. First she offers to meet me at my apartment then says that she normally does not do that. She asks me to send her stuff then basically admits that she won’t read it until we meet.

I kind of decided over email that I am not crazy about her. But, as my mother would say, if I get one good thing out of it, then it is worth it. The $80 I am spending on a session I can blow on so many other less productive things. And since my friend raves about her, I suppose it is worth a shot.

I did get her to come over to my apartment because I could not find a babysitter and we’ll see what happens.

Yesterday, I am proud to say that I wrote over 3,000 words or a new scene/chapter for the book. Not sure if it will make it to the final cut, but it was a good exercise. So we shall see.

My writing program begins in six weeks and I want to hustle to get a lot accomplished before it.


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