Writing Coach Comments

I forced myself to keep an open mind when I met with the writing coach. I felt she was not efficient.

1) She asked me my astrological sign.

2) had me light a candle and take a moment of silence.

3) She spent a great deal of time telling me stuff about herself that was not relevant. I can tell you more details about her than I care to repeat.

4) She kept talking about what she wanted to do in the future if I kept working with her as opposed to what we could do now.

5) She gave me one assignment to work on at home that if she gave it to me over the Internet i would of had it done before we met and then we could have potentially done something more productive with our time.

6) She asked me about my writing history and about the book – both of which I explained to her in a previous email. (The second one I would overlook as she may have wanted to hear me speak about it extemporaneously)

7) I stayed in the city later to meet with her and then hit a ridiculous amount of traffic driving to my parents house with my daughter wailing for about two hours nonstop.

I suppose I cannot really fault her for #7, but just compounded with everything else.

Perhaps the exercises she would assign to me will help lead me to make the right decisions about the book. It may be more efficient for me to simply buy a book with writing exercises.


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