Skin and Bones of the Novel

As planned, I collaborated all of my fragmented chapters of the book and assembled them into one file with over 33,000 words. Whoo hoo!

I feel fairly confident that I have the skeleton of the book written and now I just have to fill in the meat and the flesh of the story. Some chapters are written as pure dialogue and they naturally need to be placed in a scene with more details and background activity. Most of the other chapters need to be rewritten with more depth and details.

I think i have the *Puke* draft which is mostly the nuts and bolts done. And as I promised myself, it is much easier to edit something then nothing. So I have my something done.

I’m planning to stay away from the city for a few weeks which means that I will drift from my habit of going to the writer’s room on a regular basis. I have to learn to carve out time at the beach to do work.

These days, i am just so exhausted that I treasure every opportunity to sleep. Of course the book will never be written that way. So we’ll see.



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