Getting along with My Shrink

I thought my shrink liked me, he really liked me. A few weeks ago he proposed something I found incredibly tacky using poor words, and then repeated the idea using the same crude expression. I told him to stop planting the idea in my head.

Still reeling from the exchange, I cancelled the following session. When I returned two weeks later, I explained my grievance. He told me where he was coming from and I told him where I was then we proceeded with our session.

I requested a new time slot for the following week via voicemail and never heard back which is rare. I have to cancel my next four sessions because I will be out of town, and then I believe that he takes August off. I do want to continue meeting but I wonder if he is mad at me, which would obviously taint everything.

I know he is not the best dr. and I accept his limitations. I chose him because he is close and accepts insurance. He has a few stockpile answers he gives to stories about how it represents something from my childhood or is a pattern that I have endured.

Prior to him, I visited an expensive more *elitist* shrink that insisted I see him twice a week and make up any missed sessions. My cousin who referred me to him said that he had thanked her for the referral and commented how much he liked me. At $175 a pop, it was no surprise. When I decided to stop he made a rather snide comment that confirmed my decision. My husband noted that I would constantly return from the session angry at him.

These doctors are just people with their own limitations trying to make a living.


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