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July 23, 2008

I’m engrossed in my writer’s conference at the moment and loving it. I put myself on the review chopping block first which was less intimidating than I would have expected.

I workshopped a rough draft of the first chapter and the comments were helpful. I fear that it was not a great representation of the entire novel or my writing capabilities as there were typos and dialogue that went on too long, but that is the benefits of and limitations of a short workshop.

I tell myself that it is an early draft and this is a process that all writers go through. I have not been blown away by any one person in the class besides the teacher which basically means I do not feel out of my league.

What I am satisfied about is that the class likes the concept of the novel and seemed engaged in the entire story. The leader, a writer who I respect greatly, was impressed with what I had fleshed out and how I had conceived the novel. Her HA! and Funny! comments throughout my draft are so encouraging. She also told me that it would translate well to film. Woo hoo!


New Title

July 16, 2008

I should rename this blog, I want a babysitter. I’ve been at my parents house and have not been able to squeeze an ounce of writing in, hence the lack of new posts. I’m also tired. Exhausted. Spent. Fortunately the first trimester pure comatose tired is gone but it is replaced by a sheer exhaustion.

Yesterday I followed the advice that we received when we left the hospital, you sleep when the baby sleeps.

I’ve been thinking about writing. I have a sitter coming today. My workshop begins tomorrow. Technically, today but all we do is register and go to a party with me longing for a cocktail. Or five.

So there may be another small hiatus of posts, but I’ll be back. And I will finish this novel. And I will get it published. Hopefully soon.

Perpetual Hold

July 10, 2008

Do you think certain companies have a button where they transfer you to waiting limbo? I struggle to decide which is worse, the perpetual ring, the annoying elevator music, dead silence, or a short riff that is repeated incessantly only to be interrupted by a recording promising that “someone will answer shortly.”

The silence makes me wonder if I’ve been disconnected and the other ones irritate me equally but at different times. I write this now as I am waiting for over ten minutes for an operator to pick up the phone so I can pay a bill. I want to give the company money and yet I have to wait for eternity. At least I have speaker phone.

Inevitably, the call waiting sound will beep and when I answer it on the second beep, the operator will have picked up the phone and then hung up in the split second it will take me to return to that line. Murphy’s law of holding.

The second law is that once you get through after eating up all of your cell phone minutes the operator will transfer you to another waiting hell.

It’s been over 12 minutes now and the ringing sound is grating on my nerves. I’ll just send a check in the mail.

New Addiction

July 7, 2008

I love competition. I should clarify, I love winning competitions. My husband stopped playing Boggle with me because he said it was no fun that I kept winning.

Since recently joining Facebook less than a week ago, I’ve been addicted to some of the word games on there. The frustrating thing is that you cannot play against yourself but rather must challenge a friend to do the same. I am sure there is a way to play against people on line but I have not figured that out yet. If I have that much time then I should really be writing.

I do see the addictive nature of facebook and reconnecting. I’ve looked up several old classmates but have not yet invited them to be friends. I’m curious to see who reaches out to me. Very curious.

I look back at growing up and have so many memories of being lonely. There is a part of me that fears their rejection again.

Twisting my finger

July 6, 2008

My no visitor days are depressing. The other blog is still generating interest but that is because I write about relatively risque things like sex (or lack of), marriage, embarrassing stories including bad dates and vibrators.

Truth be told, that is more interesting to me too.

Even though, I should still persevere. Need to apply this to the book.

Got the schedule for the conference and am excited. I really want to rework that first chapter. Think I blogged about that last week, not that anyone is noticing/ reading.

Okay – off to craft some humiliating but entertaining story for Milf Alert.

The Itch

July 5, 2008

My big 3-0 came and went with little fanfare. A few cards, a few presents, a few phone calls but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

The adage No news is good news applies, so I won’t complain.

I was able to squeeze in a little bit of writing last week. Not nearly as much as if I was in the city, but something is better than nothing; and I’ve been reading which definitely helps (or can help).

My conference is coming up in two weeks and I have gotten the itch to rewrite some of the novel before then. I’m going to focus on the first chapter or 20 pages. Based on my experience from the previous book and cold querying agents, the first few pages have to be strong and compel the agent to ask for the rest of the book. If I can get feedback from lots of respected writers on those pages and “nail the beginning” then I will be in great shape.

I just have to do it. The weather is average today and the forecast for tomorrow is grim so perhaps I can lock myself up indoors and do some more work. In the interim, I am *thinking* about the book, which counts to an extent.

But having the itch, and scratching it is best.