I’m engrossed in my writer’s conference at the moment and loving it. I put myself on the review chopping block first which was less intimidating than I would have expected.

I workshopped a rough draft of the first chapter and the comments were helpful. I fear that it was not a great representation of the entire novel or my writing capabilities as there were typos and dialogue that went on too long, but that is the benefits of and limitations of a short workshop.

I tell myself that it is an early draft and this is a process that all writers go through. I have not been blown away by any one person in the class besides the teacher which basically means I do not feel out of my league.

What I am satisfied about is that the class likes the concept of the novel and seemed engaged in the entire story. The leader, a writer who I respect greatly, was impressed with what I had fleshed out and how I had conceived the novel. Her HA! and Funny! comments throughout my draft are so encouraging. She also told me that it would translate well to film. Woo hoo!


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