Back from the Conference

I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 day writing conference. My workshop leader offered valuable advice and feedback. What a rush to have such a respected and accomplished author mark Funny! and ha! on my sample.

I volunteered to go on the chopping block first which was fine. My selection was definitely not my strongest or best representation of my writing and after the fact, some of the comments from the participants stung a little. I’m sure part of it is me being overly sensitive. Hormones anyone?
But if you are a writer, you have to have thick skin. If I mention the bad comments, I should also say that many notes were encouraging and people seemed intrigued in the story. Parts of the selection stood out for some people.

Two participants submitted such poorly written amateur pieces and the group was still supportive, which then of course makes me doubt the sincerity of their comments. I know wholeheartedly this is foolish and non-productive. The only thing for me to do is move forward.

Our leader spent time talking about the choice of words and the prose of the story as opposed to the plot and the big picture. When preparing for our reading at the end, I must have rewritten the single page a dozen times. It doesn’t matter because it broke the “I’m afraid of writing” seal which is helping my momentum.

I know the only thing for me to do is write. I can safely say that I am okay with my puke draft of the novel. Now I have to go back and edit it which I knew I would do all along. I just did not think I would have to comb the thesaurus so frequently, but if it leads to a better book, then who cares!



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