Did I mention that all of the new techniques and focus on prose that I learned in the workshop means I will at a minimum want to rewrite every single word of my novel? I know it will make it into a better book and I know every writer rewrites multiple times. It just feels a bit overwhelming.

I draw the parallel to running a marathon, which I have done twice. There are multiple times during the training and the actual race that I ask myself what I am doing and why I voluntarily signed up for this challenging consuming obstacle. But then I finish and I feel proud and I’m ready to run another run. And then the cycle repeats.

I do think of writing like exercise. I am happy once I’m doing it – or once it’s over. Sometimes starting is the hardest thing. I will drag myself to the writer’s room reluctantly and unsure what I will do but I put my fingers to the keyboard and make something happen.

The babysitter is coming shortly so I can leave shortly. Sometimes I wish I was disciplined enough to write at home, but at least I am disciplined enough to write outside the house.


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