Productivity Update

So this summer has not been as productive as I would like. Of course I tend to feel this way for most of the seasons. I never quite got the routine down which, like the pregnancy, is a poor excuse, or a great one. But in the end since I only have to answer to myself, I am not satisfied.

Like a dieter who cheats, this does not mean that I should throw in the towel. Instead, I am going to accept that the writing seminar, the books that I have read and the progress that I have made has brought me closer to finishing my novel, even if it is not as far as I would like.

My writers group is meeting after Labor Day and I’m up for a submitting. I have been working on one section of which I am particularly proud, both of the story and how the writing and details have evolved. I’m a little tired of considering the beginning, which I workshopped both at the writers conference and my writers group. Since I am relatively confident what happens, I’m just not thrilled with the execution, I feel comfortable putting it aside and working on another section.

So that’s the latest. Nothing superb. I’ve also been neglecting the blogs, but I intend to get into the full swing of things post labor day.


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