Making Progress

I wrote and edited and re-edited a small chunk of my book and submitted it to my writers group. The feedback I received yesterday was so encouraging and supportive and I do not think it was lip-service. My friend mentioned that it was enough to convince her to partake in the summer workshop next year.

I felt that the selection, which switched POVs, was representative of how I would like the entire novel to read, breezy, farcical and funny and I think that is the impression the readers had. yeah!

Naturally, there are some things to improve, including my grammar (but hey that is easy), and the overuse of a word within a short range, but that is what drafts are for.

I still need to go back and redo the beginning, and the middle and the end, but I am off to a great start. And this window to write has just closed because my daughter is now awake. Thank you neighbors hammering against our shared wall.


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