Reorganizing on the computer

After over two hours at the Apple store and two appointments (a one-on-one session and a genius bar consultation) I likely solved the echo on my iPhone and learned that I should not store so many documents on my desktop. A few tweaks and some more rebooting and the laptop is running more efficiently. Now if only I could get my internet to cooperate.

I made it to my writers room by noon today and resisted the urge to nap with a compromise of eating too many gummy candies. I incorporated the changes from my writers group and rewrote my first chapter, again. I am so sick of reviewing those first few pages that were reviewed in my writers group and again during the conference. But I plowed ahead because I want to submit the first chunk of pages to a Chapter One contest. Naturally, a win will boost my ego and reenergize me. I’ll review the pages again and send them out to friends/writers. Then I’ll stop looking at them. It’s frustrating because those will be the pages that I send to prospective agents so they should be great and lead the reader wanting more.

Back at the writers room, I reshuffled where I filed some documents to better have an idea of what I have. I think seeing the rough blueprints which need heavy editing will remind me that I have a great launch pad for writing. I’m also going to force myself to work more efficiently at home, or at least attempt to do so.



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