Sleep vs. Write vs. Politics

I’ve been relatively good about scheduling at least three writing sessions a week at my writer’s room, which is sadly closing. The problem is sometimes I am just too exhausted to go all the way down there. Not that it is so far, about a mile walk or fifteen minutes dealing with the subways.

I went last week and literally passed out from exhaustion. I know showing up is more than half the battle but I think staying awake is a serious obstacle too.

I’m entering a chapter one contest for the first chapter of my book. Not terribly optimistic,but I’ve edited and rewritten the chapter so many times that why not.

Yesterday I scheduled time to sneak to a local coffee shop to bang out a little work, better than nothing, but I was so tired that I literally passed out. At night I try to motivate myself but again I’m tired and zone out in front of the television watching what my husband calls the greatest reality show, Election 2008.

I know, it won’t get any easier to work, and like exercising I will feel better when it’s done. Maybe I could break the seal and work at home or at night and then it will get easier. who knows. I do know that there is a wailing baby downstairs refusing to nap.


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