Solo Time

My husband has been working late which means that I have been spending more time on my laptop in the evening, filling up shopping carts on random websites but not necessarily checking out, or checking out accidentally.

Between the recession and my daughter’s upcoming party, I’m trying to hold off another week before even ordering from Old Navy. Although, I would love some new maternity jeans. I just wish I could spend this much time thinking and exploring my book.

I did go to the writer’s room today and forced myself to stay awake and not succumb to a cup of coffee. I’m a little further along than I realized but I wonder if I should go through everything with a fine-tooth comb now. I know, I should probably focus on the prose as opposed to the plot. I think I should fill in a lot of blanks in the story and reassemble all of the chapters and do a rewrite then. But today, i have no complaints, perhaps because I took the subway to and fro the writers room to save energy helped.


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