First Time

One of the things that I am struggling with in this novel is point of view. Unlike my last book, I am not writing in first person and instead taking advantage of the omniscient narrator. It’s given me an opportunity to get into other character’s heads and write their backstory. While it works well on a micro scale, I’m excited to see how it works on a macro scale. I think it will be okay if I remain consistent.

The other day when I was locked in my writers room (which is sadly closing soon) I was a little stuck on a scene with my main character and her brother, who has taken on a larger role than I originally imagined. I decided to write a phone call from his point of view and the scene, and his backstory unfolded naturally.

My writer’s group assignment was to write a scene of one character’s first time doing something. This has been in the back of mind and I still could not come up with an idea. Turns out, I did inadvertently write the brother’s first time getting a hand job. Granted, I want to edit the scene but I am excited by it and it also characterizes one of the reasons he resents his sister.

Using Meg Wolitzer’s books as a role model, I am okay repeating a scene or allusions to a scene from another character’s point of view. All in all, I feel great about where the story is and cannot wait to go back to the room on Friday when the sitter comes.

With the recession looming, I have shaved down her hours and am forcing myself to be more productive when she is here.


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