Short Hiatus

For the zero loyal readers out there, sorry for my absence. Between the Jewish holidays, family obligations, being a mom, being pregnant and yes writing my book, I’ve been busy.

I’m proud to say that I have a new timeline for the novel, a rough draft by Thanksgiving and a decent draft by the beginning of January before the arrival of Baby #2. Of course I have no idea when Jr will break into this world. My daughter came ten days late, dragged out by forceps, but that is a trauma for another time.

Because I will be busy with the family, I won’t be on pins and needles waiting for friends’ feedbacks. Went to my current writers group this week and feel good about my progress. The members are on board for reading a full draft in the winter.

*side note about feedback. I asked members of my old writers group if they had time to review my first chapter and four people said yes. I commented that I was submitting the 15 pages in a first chapter contest a week later. One person ten days later wrote a vague email and the others (whose work I have reviewed over time, including one’s full length manuscript) have not gotten back to me nearly three weeks later. Perhaps that’s why we are no longer a functioning writers group.


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