Kill your babies

One of the hard parts of editing my book is knowing what to keep and what to cut. There’s a writing adage that takes some variation of kill your babies, but since I am now a mom, I should say kill your darlings.

I have a great scene that has a good ending, then I came up with a better one, and then a button at the end. In reality I do not think that the second and third endings are that great that it’s worth sacrificing that first ending.

I have a few character asides, an entertaining diversion that paints a clearer picture but may not add to the story as a whole, think of Scrubs.

I’m also wondering about flashbacks, which are taking on a more prominent role in the novel than I first realized, but still fun nonetheless. If they are short, can they stay in the relevant chapter? What kind of introduction do they need? I can think of two books that I would like to go back and review but of course one I have loaned to a friend (of my mom’s, so who knows when that will be returned) and the second one I have to locate.

Instead of hesitating and researching the answers to all of these questions, I am just continuing to move forward, leaving what feels okay as a placeholder.

I am on track for my November/January goal of completing a draft. Just debating whether to share with my mom who could really slaughter this one baby.


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