Maxing Out

I cam across an article by Michael Ventura about writing and the best indicator of someone being a successful writer is how long she can lock herself in a room and write.

The fortunate thing is that I have been able to build my writing endurance and keep myself locked up at my writer’s space for more and more time. I only wish that I worked on this stamina when I was younger and had far fewer distractions. I think then, I was so programmed in the college mentality of bemoaning the work that lay ahead, procrastinating, then cramming and accomplishing something that was good enough.

My current goal which I have been relatively good about achieving is three days a week for however many hours I can handle. Naturally this is subject to babysitter, baby, and who knows what else. Next week I am taking off with my mom to go to Miami to look at a condo she is considering buying. Kind of crazy in this market, I agree, but it’s a chance for some sun and perhaps even relaxation.

Wednesday was highly productive and I left feeling pumped to return, even spent Wednesday night researching, but by Thursday (which would have been my fourth day) I was a little spent and now I do not have the urge to write. Maybe I can squeeze in some hours at home over the weekend. I just haven’t figured out how to really focus at my home desk.

My husband is getting ready to run the marathon next weekend so it will give him a chance to be a couch potato without me feeling frustrated.


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