November Writing Opportunities

National Novel Writing Month officially begins today and while I won’t be participating this year, my mind will consider the possibility of what would happen if I did.

I have yet to hanker myself down and commit to crank out a complete draft in thirty days, although the thought has clearly crossed my mind multiple times. There are the easy excuses of I don’t have time, I’m traveling for Thanksgiving, I don’t have a good story, etc. And then there are the more realistic ones like I am six and a half months pregnant, I have a thirteen month at home, and I am in the midst of my current novel, editing my way through to get a complete draft, which is coming along nicely, but not perfectly.

The puke draft, which I imagine is what one would accomplish by participating, is a great blue print used to hone and craft a sellable novel. And to crank it out in one month would be great.

A freelance writer friend of mine recently signed up and I say this with humility, there is a sliver of me that is jealous. I have been writing my book for so long and to think that she could bang out a novel in one month, regardless of quality, makes me feel possessive and, well, jealous. I suppose I should channel this competitive nature and get back to working on my novel.


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