Back to the Puking

As my internal Thanksgiving deadline approaches for completing a draft of my book, I find myself slowly reverting back to the puke draft mentality where I just try to get the basic story on paper.

I am already anticipating the editing that lays ahead, so why not just lay a foundation from start to finish for myself. It’s always easier to edit a crappy draft than a blank sheet of paper.

I’m currently at around 175 pages with other scenes written for later and an outline which I like enough.

Some of the problems that I am having (and would love ANY feedback if anybody is reading this)
– scenes. My main character is a tutor and I pretty much have her at her students’ apartments, her home, and her best friends. I think she needs to do more – I just don’t know what. Shopping? Nails? Something.

– I’m struggling with the POV and think I am using an omniscient narrator who observes other character’s thoughts. How often do I have to say, “Mona wondered” or “Mona thought” after stating her opinion? Is it implicit? Are there other ways to do that?

– There’s more, but these two come to mind now. Oh yeah, anyone have any thoughts on an MFA? that’s a post for later.


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