Dear Indecision

Here’s the Dear John letter per my writers group.

Dear Indecision,

It’s taken me some time to sit down and write this letter, and I am sure you know why. Yes, I did go back and forth, considering what I was sacrificing by writing this letter, and thought of other more pressing things to do before typing this note. I’ve thought a great deal about our relationship and while I can easily foresee a future with us together, I’ve decided to sever ties.

I know what you are thinking, have I considered the alternative? What if I make a bad decision, perhaps in haste? And I’m okay with that.

You’ve plagued me for too long, making me question my motives and the consequences for even the most banal of options. It really doesn’t matter what flavor of ice cream I chose. My life won’t change if I go to the 7pm or 8:30 movie. Nobody cares if I wear the black sweater with the blue jeans or the blue sweater with the black leggings. But you have led me to believe that it is significant, that each decision carries more importance that it really does.

I know I will miss you. When I’m face with Baskin Robbins 31 flavors or a diner’s eight-page menu or cannot decide what to wear to dinner, I will think fondly of our relationship and how we used to spend time agonizing over the right choice, the pros and cons of every option, exhausting every possibility. I’ve realized that I must make countless decisions on a daily basis and if I continue to let you into my life I will simply tread water as opposed to moving forward.

I’m approaching the end of the first draft of my book, and I’m sure you have a lot to say, or rather questions to ask (as you sometimes disguise your modus operendi) about decisions I have made for the story and the characters. And while I once welcomed the idea of exploring the different facets to sometimes absurd situations, you are not welcome to provide feedback. I cannot afford the energy or time to take this story in another direction.

We had a great run, even met a few people along the way who sympathized with our situation, but it’s over. I wish you luck and happiness.

PS You will be happy to know that I am sending a similar letter to procrastination and exhaustion shortly.


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