Book Detours

I had my writers group yesterday and despite being incredibly exhausted by the time I arrived close to a half hour late (which was technically an hour late because my friend gave me the wrong time) I did gain some good feedback.

One of my concerns, the incessant presence of “Mona wondered” is less of an obstacle than I once imagined. Along with my Point of View frustrations, I am going to lay it to rest and revisit it during the post Thanksgiving Day edit (which may extend to post baby-baby edit).

As for the other concern of not expanding my characters’s worlds enough, I feel like there are too many scenes in the same places, well, it’s still a concern. I’m going to follow the group’s advice and right a morning in the life of Mona, without any of her friends or students around to distract her. Hopefully that will open some possibilities.

As far as the feedback on my submissions: well turns out one scene came across as more pivotal than I anticipated which means I will draw it out and move it to a little later in the book. At least as of right now.

A crying baby is calling me.


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