The Excuse List

I haven’t looked at my book since Wednesday and probably won’t do so until at least next Tuesday (with the exception of jotting down lines of dialogue and thinking about some scenes).

But for good reason, as most excuses are.

I guess the main one is that I essentially reached my Thanksgiving day goal early and therefore did not need to rush to the writers room to work.

Then there is my child at home, my growing baby, my husband’s market imploding, my upcoming last hurrah girls trip, oh…and my mom is in the ICU in a third world country. I’ve been trying to get her back to New York and have been the emotional and informational pillar for the family. It’s been draining and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to board a plane tomorrow and tune out.

So, I’ve given myself a little vacation but I really want to stay on my target of getting the book in good enough shape to share with friends. But what is good enough? There are times I read my work and think it is all shit and other times I smile, impressed with what I accomplished. The silver lining is that I’ve heard all writers, even the most successful ones, go through these stages.

When I come back, I’ll still be pregnant, have a child at home, a husband whose market is imploding, a mother with cancer (but at least she’ll be in NY) and weather too cold to endure to walk to the writers room.

When I was pregnant last time with my daughter and was still working on the book, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and had surgeries and doctors’ appointments. My sister from South America came to visit and I was awfully tired. There were plenty of excuses not to be disciplined to write and unfortunately I indulged them.

So, I’m signing off, finishing packing, going to bed and won’t be writing for probably a week. But please, please, drop me a comment, show some love and encouragement. Help me stay on track. And if you can’t do that, say a little prayer for my mom. I’d rather her be healthy than be a published novelist (but I’d love her input on my font).


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