Flood of Emotions

I suppose I should be writing more these days, documenting what is happening and how I am feeling after losing my mom, bonding with my family, taking over my mom’s business and getting ready to deliver a new baby. But with a full plate and a flood of emotions, it’s been hard.

I always tell myself there is no convenient time to write and it will likely never be easier than today to put the pen to the paper or rather the fingers to the keyboard. I haven’t even glanced at my book, but I’m hoping that I have a current copy at home on my jump drive and I can locate said jump drive. But I have not been concerned enough to look for the file.

I should probably focus on some stuff for my building but that hasn’t happened and I know my sister wants me to track down some stuff from my mom’s business, write some letters and do some calculations but that hasn’t really happened either.

My daughter ensures that I do get out of bed every morning and remain quasi attentive but some days a shower feels like a major accomplishment (forget about shaving).

I feel like there is a Shel Silverstein poem in this predicament, about someone who knows she should write, but all she can write is how she is unmotivated to write.
Readers…any takers…would love to hear.

I’m going to bed and hoping I get some contractions or my water breaks tonight.


3 Responses to “Flood of Emotions”

  1. Michael Says:

    You poor thing! I wouldn’t be concerned with writing your book right now, if you want to write anything, keep your blog going and get your feelings out on paper. You have a lot on your plate right now! Best of luck to you.

  2. Magnus Says:

    I think it’s time I left a comment. I’ve been following your development from time to time in this blog, for the simple reason that I’ve been writing a novel myself. I found your blog through googling “writing discipline” or something like that.

    I must say I admire you. With so much to put up with – mother dying, baby coming, father problems – you’re writing your book. Impressing.

    Hope it will work out. As for me, I quit after 107,000 words and one chapter left to write. I decided the second half of the book simply wasn’t good enough, and it also hadn’t been a pleasure to write it, as with the first half. Writing bliss = reading bliss. So I’ll go back and make whatever I can from the first half, but right now I’m just enjoying my decision not to finish. (I’ve already finished a bad novel – it’s not worth it if you know you can do better.)

    I’ve been smiling when reading what your mates in the writing group think and what you think of their opinions. I was close to forming a little informal group of people in my area who also wrote, but in the end I decided not to, despite they were interested. Why? I realized I didn’t want their opinions, because I knew beforehand I wouldn’t care about them. The right person needs to read what you write, and I found him in my best friend, whom I e-mailed each chapter as soon as it was finished. Not only do I value his opinion very much, it was also a nice carrot sort of thing – knowing he was waiting for the next chapter made me write. And he was the one who dissed part 2 while loving part 1 (which he read after part 2), making me quit it all for better or worse.

    So anyway, best of luck with your baby and your novel.

  3. 1hpb Says:

    Thanks for your support. It means a lot. i wouldn’t throw in the towel because ONE person wasn’t impressed. You also don’t know what was going on when he read it. Keep writing. I find I’m happiest once I’m done writing.

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