The Complainers

My sister and I, depressed and mourning, talk on a regular basis relaying the banalities of our days. Just as we each spoke with our mom on a regular basis we try to fill the void for each other. It just seems that she is the only one able to comprehend what I am going through, and vice versa. * I made the mistake of telling this to my husband which did not boost his ego.

I laugh thinking about how much time we each spend complaining about people who we have hired to help us. Her idiotic maid unplugs the refrigerator to load the groceries then forgets to plug it back in. She has also been instructed to turn the gas burners off after cooking. It makes the woman who helps me out at home seem like a genius. But yesterday I was furious because she was at the park with my older one when I wanted to drop off my younger one and go to the doctor.

As my husband tells me this is a job with no upward mobility so neither woman, while they should be grateful for a job, are so motivated. And as my mom would say, if they were so great they wouldn’t be maids or nannies.

Both of our analysts ought to be replaced but I don’t think either of us are interested in finding someone new and bringing them up to speed on our lives. Mine has pat answers: This was very consistent with feelings you have had growing up. Of course you are under a lot of stress. My sister’s analyst takes phone calls during her session.

Sometimes, we’ll compare notes on what our therapists say about the same thing. Hers is more forgiving of my father while mine finds him inappropriate. As I get older, I’m realizing that there is no one person who is the authority.

I’m also furious that my shrink uses such insensitive words when discussing my mom. Well, he really only uses one, Dead. Your mom is dead. Your mom died. Yes. I know, thank you. He could say passed, passed away, no longer here or a plethora of other euphemisms. The more I think about it, the more inappropriate it seems. I think I’ll tell him next time, but first I’ll get my sister’s opinion.


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2 Responses to “The Complainers”

  1. tabitha Says:

    that’s why you should always hire a student – they’re on their way to somewhere else but don’t mind the extra cash for now.

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