Pivotal Points

I know this time in my life is pivotal, that I will look at my life as before and after this long winter. I just wander what I want to take from it. Will I wish that I did more or less of any one thing? And what?

At this point, part of me just wants to pat myself on the back for waking up each day, brushing my teeth at least once sometimes twice a day, making sure my kids are well attended to that asking any more seems outrageous and overly ambitious.

My memories are less crisp and I am sure that I should write some down. I should take more photos of the kids but I misplaced my camera. I’m behind on my scrapbook, but I’ll catch up.

We’re not giving away any of my mom’s items now but all of her clothes have been removed from her closet because of a mold situation. Fortunately there is no impetus to make any decisions that we may regret later.

I’m rambling, very tired.


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