I’m embarrassed to admit that I have not read, let alone studied some of literature’s classics. I still find Shakespeare laborious and sometimes wish for a better command of the English language. Yet I call myself a writer. Never mind I have not written much lately.

I have been calling myself a writer for years now, and even managed to cash some checks proving me right. Yet I still doubt myself. Each time I turn in an assignment whether to an editor or to my writer’s group, I get a little nervous. My group’s writing assignment this week is to incorporate five words into an essay. Five words I have never heard of. Five unfamiliar words that humble me.

Successful people have consistently admitted that they fear being discovered as a fraud. My mom scoffed secretly hiding her smile when she first referred to herself as a jewelry designer. And countless other people have confirmed similar feeling.

As with anything in life, there will always be people who are better, more talented, more successful than me, and then people who are less so. And then comes the adage of trying my best and striving to improve and blah blah.


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