I’ve decided to attend the writing seminar again this summer. Since my writing time has been limited lately, but I still wanted to post something, I’m posting the statement of purpose that I submitted.

Last year when I applied to the Writers Conference, I had crafted a timeline to complete my novel. It was ambitious but doable, leading me to be more disciplined about my writing than I had been in a quite some time.

After finishing the conference, I was inspired and motivated to complete my novel Multiple Choice. My leader helped me appreciate and develop both the subtle intricacies and larger plot points in writing. Members of my writers group commented on my significant improvement. I was on my way to completing Multiple Choice.

There’s an expression, Man plans and G-d laughs. This winter, with the unexpected illness and then death of my mother, the unexpected pregnancy and then birth of my son, my plans were derailed. Instead of juggling plot points, I’m focusing on estate matters and soiled diapers. Rather than searching for a character’s voice, I’m looking for a bank statements and burp cloths. In lieu of editing the current draft, I’m managing a new business on less sleep. Taking over my mother’s affairs, I have a newfound respect for all that she was able to accomplish as a mother and businesswoman. Knowing how strong and successful she was reminds me of my potential.

With these new responsibilities, a daily structure is beginning to emerge and I remain committed to writing. I know how important it is to finish the book as well as the dedication it requires.

This year will be significantly more difficult for me to participate with two children under two without my mother to babysit but I know how unique and valuable an experience the program is. So I will find a way to immerse myself in the conference yet again. I hope once again to finish the program energized to polish my draft of Multiple Choice.


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