Another Jackpot

The New York TImes reported that another user generated blog lands a book deal.

Stuff White People Like about things that white people like, such as microbrews, dinner parties and rugby was one of the first books. Then there is Letters from yo Mamma which had users submit notes from their mom.

I’d love to have that sort of success, and I imagine fun with my blog. Since I tend to disclose personal stuff I’m not ready to advertise this site to my friends. But something fun, and clever, and user generated, well I’d make time for that.

I had an idea once to make a documentary about people artist’s and their struggle. But what would be unique would be that each artist’s journey would be documented by the artist himself, the I’d shoot more stuff and edit it all together into a cohesive film. People made their own short films to compete on reality shows like The Apprentice, why not for a documentary? Maybe in my next life.


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