Feeling Foolish Part 2

I’m super excited that my post was chosen for syndication. It’s a confirmation that I’m a good writer and that if I continue I can be successful. I only wish that I properly listed this blog address correctly. Ugh. Just another incentive to write more and write better.

A friend of mine from my writers group that began in 2004 recently signed a two book YA deal. I’m genuinely excited for her and not even slightly jealous. I know she worked diligently and regularly at writing and she deserves to be successful. I’m also not envious because it gives me a lot of hope. I remember when my friend was just beginning her freelance career. I know she is a good writer, but not she’s not a significantly better writer than me and she certainly did not land this deal based on any nepotism or connections. Her recent success just gives me faith in my potential.

I took a writing course once and their logo was the secret to writing is writing. My friend knew this secret, just as other writer friends of mine know it too. Now if only the kids would stop crying so I can write.


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One Response to “Feeling Foolish Part 2”

  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny Says:

    I feel your pain…it’s either the kids crying or the dog barking. The other day, I was writing something and when I proofread it, I was astonished to see: “Waaa, Waaaa, Woof.” Back to the drawing board.

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